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Le Bon Vivant

Pierre Hendriks

Chef patron Pierre Hendriks started cooking at the age of 15, and after working in restaurant kitchens in The Netherlands for 10 years, decided to settle in Franschhoek while on a visit to South Africa in 2001. "My training in classic French kitchens still provides the basis for my recipes today," says Pierre. "It is my love and understanding of French classic recipes and techniques that inspire me to cook modern interpretations, often with an unexpected twist, but always with bold flavours, combinations and impeccable presentation."

Pierre Hendriks aims to surprise, but at the same time is very aware of the high standards that are expected from a restaurant of Le Bon Vivant's reputation. "It would seem to me that people know more about food today than ever before, and most people come to Le Bon Vivant with a good understanding of food," says Pierre. "It raises the bar for any kind of chef, but in particular for a chef that strives to make an artistic impression on a diner's palette and experience."
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